"Androgynous Is Not A Sexuality It's A Way Of Life, Be Yourself"

Planet Androgynous is a company specialized in genderless / unisex products and fragrances.

Charles Nelson started this journey to bring the impressive fragrance to the world.  His eureka moment happened and Androgynous was born. an•drog•y•nous adjective \an-ˈdrä-jə-nəs\: having both masculine and feminine characteristics or qualities: suitable for both men and women.  Androgynous is a genderless fragrance that works for anybody’s chemistry. It is pro-woman, pro-man, pro-all, pro-love. Beyond the smell, Androgynous is about social equality. Androgynous is an inspirational brand that drives lifestyle and love. A visionary, brave and powerful idea. A brand that cares about people, culture and style.

A percentage of all sales are donated for sarcoidosis research, anti-bullying, hunger and homelessness . As a 2008 sarcoidosis survivor, Charles wanted to help raise awareness for causes we are all passionate about.  Androgynous is a conduit to helping with important causes and establishing a powerful brand.


Planet Androgynous Mission

Planet Androgynous is here to better society. We are all born pure, we're not bullying, fighting or killing. We're all full of positiveness, love and life. At Planet Androgynous we eat, sleep and breathe all things positive and believe whatever you believe you can achieve and receive. We welcome all races, colors and genders because we are all 1.

It's time to come together for "1 "common cause: LOVE IN ALL OF HUMANITY.  We are "ONE IN ALL" & "ALL IN ONE".